The Fair Trade Cook Book

"Grace. Good food, good fun, thank God! Amen". - Rev. Giles C Galley.

Make a difference to the world: choose FAIRTRADE products whenever possible. Every single choice counts, and you do not know the consequences, so make Fair Trade the standard for you.

This website has 500 or so recipes for meals using Fair Trade products. Use the menu at the top to get started. There is also information on how to find fairly traded products in shops.

New or recently reworked recipes

Flag of England
Chewy tangy light bread risen by inclusion of sourdough starter
Flag of America
Chunks of squash with chickpeas and raisins in a tomato sauce
Flag of England
Salmon steaks poached in olive oil and white wine
ZaytounFAIRTRADE ingredientFAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of America
Nuggets of flavour surrounded by succulent vegetables and aromatic herbs
FAIRTRADE ingredientFAIRTRADE ingredientZaytounSuma Wholefoods
Flag of Finland
Mixed, good for you seeds in a rustic vegan cracker from Finland
Flag of Wales
A Welsh teatime treat
FAIRTRADE ingredientFAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of England
Chickpea and tahini dip enhanced with roasted butternut squash
FAIRTRADE ingredientFAIRTRADE ingredientZaytoun
Flag of Norway
A naturally sweet Nordic spread to go with Nordic crispbread
FAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of Australia
Meaty carrots in a tomato sauce with a tangy mash of potatoes and parsnips on top
ZaytounFAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of Yemen
Yemeni Fenugreek Dip
FAIRTRADE ingredientZaytounZaytoun
Flag of Scotland
Oats and onions with Fairtrade flavourings
Flag of Macedonia
Roasted red peppers and aubergine dip or spread
ZaytounZaytounFAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of Sweden
Swedish crispbreads to go with cheese, smoked salmon or dips
FAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of France
A rich mushroom and onion stuffing or dip
FAIRTRADE ingredientZaytounFAIRTRADE ingredientFAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of Italy
Chocolate-coated fruity cookies
FAIRTRADE ingredientFAIRTRADE ingredientFAIRTRADE ingredient
Flag of Australia
Chunky bacon bits in a minted tomato sauce

Adinkra Wawa Aba - the seed of the wawa tree, symbol of hardiness, toughness and preseverance This symbol is the Adinkra - Wawa Aba, The Seed of the Wawa Tree, a symbol of hardiness, toughness and preseverance. These are qualities much needed for the development of Fair Trade! The symbol also perhaps resembles a cooking pot seen from above, and as such seems entirely appropriate for a Fairtrade Cookbook. I am sure that the Ghanaians will forgive me for saying that.

Scales of Justice Lord, to those who hunger give bread; to those who have bread give them the hunger for justice.
Latin American Prayer.